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Top Picks CSA Weekly Newsletter 8/18/2023. Submit your order by Sunday 8/20 by 5pm for a Tuesday 8/22 delivery.

What’s Up At Market

The market was trimmed down last week, likely from the weather forecast of high heat. Josh was the only missing farmer and the rest of the farm tables keep expanding. Now there are lots of peppers showing up, the first of the melons, and more and more tomatoes. Many more fruit stands are popping up as the harvests come due. For the first time, Runnymede was able to complete my pre-order transaction before the bell rang. Teri must have lobbied management to pull that off and it is a great advantage to me. My cart was full before market began. I was moving fast because of the heat and made it home by 1:30. I could be earlier this week as Hoa is out of town eliminating my last stop on the way home. No Spring Rolls!

At Jessie’s Cosmic Garden

Over here, the chicks are finally out of the house and into the big chicken coop. The Zoomers are bossing them around just like big sisters. Good Grief. I sold my three oldest chickens to keep chicken company elsewhere. Those are three I won’t have to turn into stewing chickens in September, so fine with me. That has created room in the other coop, coupled with space created from all the laying hens lost to predators over the year.

I decided to fill the gap with 14 layers of various colors – chocolate, olive and blue eggs. And I’m giving a rooster one more chance. They’ll be arriving next Saturday and laying in March. The Zoomers will start laying in a little over 6 weeks. This will bring back egg abundance to JCG by Spring. The girls have enjoyed all the bolted lettuce in the garden, encouraging me to plant more greens for them. Kale of any kind is their fave.

I’m going to post jalapeƱos and poblanos this week and give the Big Jims time to get bigger. I can’t offer poundage but usually you don’t need pounds of peppers. The pepper patch was full of bees yesterday so plenty of fruit coming. I took four Jim’s and grilled/smoked them to loosen the skin. It worked like a charm and the flesh was easy to removed skimming the inner skin with a paring knife. I wanted to try one of the recipes I posted to our Recipe page, Calabacitas, using sweet corn, yellow zucs, the green chiles and cheese. It was a fabulous marriage of veggies and flat-out delicious. You can find the link to the first page of recipes “New Mexico” under a picture of a ristra (dried peppers hanging) using a new link at the bottom of the Online Market page. I’m working on an Italy page next. If you want to share your favorite recipes from anywhere email them to me.

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