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What’s Up At Market

Pretty bad smoke kept folks away from market early on last week and that included a number of vendors. It turns out the smoke was worse back on the farms so most vendors were not masked up like some of us shoppers were. They didn’t get our fabulous rain either but ash on the veggies instead, according to Patrick. So our regular peach man didn’t show (he brings his children with him so understandable) and I bought from the bigger farm. Let me know if there is a difference and your preference if there is.

I’ve added on more melons this week as most of the farmers have them. I asked Teri about the Canary melons and how long it takes for them to ripen. She said they’ve been enjoying them all along and that they don’t emit a scent to let you know about ripeness. They also keep a long time so their skin is pretty thick and firm. I waited 5 days and it wasn’t enough, so leave you to figure it out. They are fabulous melons kind of in the category of honeydews rather than cantaloupe.

Figs are gone for now but will return in September as the main crop gets pollinated and matures.There are lots of fine peppers, hot-mild-sweet as we move into fall produce and I did see bunch Roquette arugula at Runnymede, likely from Mary, who also sent the sweet corn. Hoping for better air this coming Tuesday but will mask up otherwise to get what you need.

At Jessie’s Cosmic Garden

I have lots of peppers but finding a # would be hard except for the Big Jims when they chub up a little. If you order pepper pounds from me I will give you all of mine and finish off with Fry Farm peppers – they having an acre or so to my 10 plants. I’m adding a cherry tomato basket this week and am in a low period for Moscvich so none this time. I have a few Cherokee Purple tomatoes starting to ripen so maybe a few in the near future. My Marzano sauce tomatoes are ripening and will post them next week. Meanwhile, there are tons of heirlooms at market, all looking good.

I picked beans again last night, getting the bulk of the second planting. I came up with half a # and figure with those still to come from that planting of 72 seedlings I can only get .75# total. They are so lightweight it turns out to be borderline wasteful to grow them. However, I got enough seeds for a few years to will do it again just because.

The meat birds are all over the place with the Zoomers minding them like mother hens. In fact a few of the Zoomers are laying first eggs which is more than remarkable at 4 months-old. They are lovely birds who like to cuddle but are a bit crazy-making flying over the fences to freedom. This will stop when they get too heavy but for the moment just hoping they don’t fly off to the neighbors. The whole scene out in the chicken yard interferes with egg laying by the older girls so patience with the weekly yield. 15 baby chicks arrive tomorrow morning from PA to shore up the flock for next year as the 8 Zoomers start to contribute over Fall. It was a year of increased predation here and with most of the folks I know who have chickens. Vigilance is the new normal.



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