This is the eleventh week of summer season. Our order window opens right now and closes Sunday 9/3 at 5 PM for a Tuesday 9/5 delivery between 3PM and 5PM.

What’s Up at Market?

It’s a funny time of year as the crates of big melons start squeezing out the veggies. Most vendors set crates of big boxes of melons out front of their stalls which makes them quite accessible and compelling. Last week I bought watermelons from Wandering Roots but I do have options to get them at the peach man’s stall, Patricks and Fry Family Farm. If what I got suits you we’ll stick with them. If you are reordering watermelons and want a different vendor, leave that remark in special orders. I will try their cantaloupes this coming week but have all those options as well as Runnymede for the smaller melons. I had one of theirs last week as did one member. Mine was small, dead ripe and delicious.

That abundance aside, the piles of peppers are showing up too and not far behind we’ll see the earlier winter squash like Delicata. Right now, we had a lot of salad mix orders so I expanded the vendor varieties. What I do need to check on is the price at each vendor so I hope Banyan is back this coming week. I like their lettuce mix as being close to Josh’s high price type. Wandering Roots has a lot of deeper colored greens in theirs, Runnymede is a consistent mix like mine but not crunchy. Patrick doesn’t have any bagged greens right now and those at Victory Garden, where a new mustard mix was added, always look fresh and inviting but the ydon’t have their spring mix right now. I will make sure I have things priced right this week but it will be on your revised orders. I believe I undercharged for Wandering Roots last week and Banyan has an odd price as I recall, so we’ll get that all squared away.

At Jessie’s Cosmic Garden

I can’t believe I’m writing this while a light rain fall. That should become heavier later today. What a gift. I wonder if it’s a Pineapple Express via El Niño? I’ll take it however it got here. I have a third Moscvich tomato crop on the vines but not ripe yet. It’s not a large crop and they are smaller tomatoes but the same great flavor. The tomato baskets are going to be slowing down as the first and second crops on those vines finish but the cherry tomatoes are ripening in the greenhouse and garden to provide ongoing tomatoes. I have quite a pile of San Marzano sauce tomatoes ready to go for those who either like them in salads or plan to can sauce. You can freeze them as is and make sauce later with one advantage that the skins fall right off after freezing.

I have opened up the full Pepper Patch on the order form and ask that you order by quantity because it’s mind-boggling for me to try to estimate the weight of what is available. Instead, I’ll post ‘sold out’ on the marketplace page when I run out. The smaller peppers, like Serranos and Jalapeños make a comeback quickly while the Big Jims and Poblanos may need a week off to ripen. I didn’t plant many bell peppers since the farmers do a fantastic job with them. I will buy from the farmers to make my sweet smoked paprika this year. I’ll be offering that to you, along with my Spicy Smoked Paprika made from our Pepper Patch paprikas. Other upcoming fall home-mades will be Green Chili Power, Red Chili Powder and Sauce, and Ancho Chili powder – all smoked and dried chili ristras.

Our new chicks are doing well, though a few were lost in shipment. They, along with the 8 Zoomers about ready to lay, should fix us up in the egg department again. 3-4 eggs a day right now is a drag, let me tell you. Lots more plans forming for next year (found Crockett Bean Seeds, for instance) but, for now, I did remember to seed MicroGreens this week, and I listed cilantro too.



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