12th and last Week of Summer Season. Our order window is now open until Sunday 9/10 at 5 pm. Deliveries will be from ≈3:30-5pm on 9/12. Reminder to return the berry and fruit boxes in your empty box.

What’s Up At Market

The big news at market was “no smoke” which brought out a lot of people and an upbeat atmosphere overall. The veggies and fruit looked fabulous too. Banyan skipped again and could be taking a break between crops. We will keep their option up just in case, and get good replacements otherwise. Our peach man is out of peaches but had round sweet watermelons, plums and figs. Many folks had figs which are listed right now as the big green type and small very sweet Turkey brown type. I also put the plums back up in yellow-green and purple-black. Grapes are popping up as well. I found a new-to-me black grape that is a cross of Thompson seedless and Concord – outstanding flavor.

Sweet corn was back at 3 different farm tables, melons are piling up and there seems no end to heirloom tomatoes. It is a great time of year to eat locally with the very best and freshest to choose from. Our supplemental Co-op orders are minimal. I kept peaches on the menu because they may still have the local ones but the season is pretty much over according to the growers at market. I notice in the fruit section that plums are a minor player and there are 6 different kinds of pluots instead (a plum-apricot cross) instead. At market, plums are plums and plenty of them.

At Jessie’s Cosmic Garden

I ‘m posting new items to my lists in advance of having them, so with an X. I just want to let you know what’s coming up but not yet. The Roma tomatoes are peaking and the vines are already dying from the hard work. It is the right time to order them for canning or sauce – tomatillos for salsa as well. I’m freezing whole Romas in bags so I can get those to you later in the season when the fresh ones are gone. I can always use them too and am doing this with the Genuwine tomatoes for Puttanesca Sauce. They are winding down so a giant pot of Puttanesca is in the near future. I will probably pressure can the sauce for shelf life. That reminds me that the kraut is a couple weeks from the end of fermentation so that is also coming back soon and I’m ready to make another batch from my cabbages. That batch is with Tina’s cabbage so we’ll be set for winter Vitamin C and good gut bugs!

I will also start freezing peppers which hold up nicely that way and don’t loose any of their qualities. even whole frozen Poblanos can be used or Rellenos with no loss of flavor. I made green chilis this week with the Big Jims and got quite a good yield. The yellow summer squash is slowing down but the green zucs and crookneck are stepping up. We’ll see how long the Mountain Magic tomatoes continue to ripen. They are way down on production so it won’t be for long. The cherry tomatoes are going to be primarily Atomic Grape and Black Strawberry with Orange Paruche sprinkled in as the season wears on to its finish.

Many of the outside tomato vines were really weary of the hot sun and petered our early. To balance that out, fall kale is doing well and I’ll have rows of cilantro and arugula now and then. A fall greens mix is coming along nicely and mustard greens are ready this week. Today, I’m planting more of all those greens and the lettuce mix which will be half greenhouse and half garden – hoping for a mild long Indian summer and fall.

The big news is that the Amazing Zoomers are laying eggs (small) at 4 months of age instead of the typical 6 months. They have been hovering around the older girls when they’re laying, like true apprentices and their egg-laying aspirations won the day. And egg production is rising overall as the sun lowers in the sky. We are two weeks out on processing the meat chickens and going through feed quickly. The 13 little girls in the back hall are a frisky bunch – an after thought but sure to give us a good egg count early in the spring.

Made it through the 9th CSA summer without AirCon in the car. Whew!



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