2nd Week of Fall Season. Our order window opens from Friday am until 5pm Sunday for a Tuesday Oct 3rd delivery.

What’s Up At Market

I love Fall at the market. The air is crisp and so are the veggies. We will see lettuces returning, new mixes, like Patrick’s hearty. Abby Lane will show up with every pepper under the sun (except Big Jim’s I’m guessing). They will also bring lemongrass, Kafir lime leaves, paprikas, hot sauces etc. Teri has been selling their peppers and Lebanese cucs plus the small figs and is looking forward to their coming to give her more space for fall veggies at her stall. When they do come, I’ll jot down specialty items for the marketplace page.

The melons are slowing down with some over their season like Canaries. Broccoli and Cauliflower have come to market too, along with dandelion greens, beets, mustards and lots more in the greens department. Berries are also slacking off so get them while you can. The late strawberries will likely outlast all the others but the number of cartons on the Wandering Roots table is shrinking weekly. There are plenty of heirlooms, slicers and cherry tomatoes at all the big farms.

I’ve been getting potatoes (freshly dug) from Victory Garden along with smaller flat yellow onions and small red onions, which I like for a few slices and back to the fridge. A new vendor was rolling out and topping pizzas which he’s cooking in an oven bar-B-Q. My crispy-bottom slice with goat cheese, green onions, smoked bacon and relatively little sauce was quite the treat.

At Jessie’s Cosmic Garden

The meat birds are all in the freezer, either whole or in handy cuts. It was exhausting work but Kelly’s help was a real gift. Wednesday I made the first batch of bone broth and another Thursday as I write this. I use the carcasses from the cut birds, all the necks and some peeled feet for collagen. Add to that celery and yellow onion chunks. 9 quarts of clear broth were pressure canned and taken to the basement. This will happen again on Friday and likely one more time to use up the bones. I calculated the cost of feed, chicks, labor (haha)and bedding for 80#s of meat and arrived at a price of $7.50/# for whole roasters. I will add the item to my list on the order form. the are mostly 4# to 4.5#.

I’m getting about 7 eggs a day of all sizes so we’ll see what we come up with before harvest day. Tomatoes are winding down and peppers are ripening. Next week I should have Ethiopian Kale again and soon a fall mix, arugula and cilantro. If all goes well we will have lettuce mix and kale near the end of the month. Love the rain.



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