Jessie’s Cosmic Garden came into being at an Earth Day 2015 Expo in city park, here in Mt Shasta, CA. My booth name had biodynamic in the title. A certified organic grower at another table took exception to the use of the word biodynamic when I was not Demeter certified – Biodynamic certification. I was a backyard gardener with no such goals, though organic since I’d moved here May 1998. I came up with an even more descriptive name on the spot and Jessie’s Cosmic Garden (JCG) was born. It is a non-certified biodynamic and organic farm and CSA (CSA means Community Supported Agriculture – coming out of the biodynamic movement).

I can identify at least 4 important drivers of the JCG/CSA’s mission. Local Food, Climate Change, Regenerative Agriculture and Biodynamics. Briefly…

Local Food is more vital than distributed farm produce, contributing essential nutrients to maintain your vital force. The food in your veggie boxes was harvested the day before it lands on your doorstep.

Climate Change is already posing huge challenges to the food producers of the nation. Local family farms are better able to maintain food stability making it a good idea to know who your farmers are and how to get their produce.

Regenerative Agriculture is a no till movement to transform the dirt left behind by Big Ag into thriving soil, with greater yields and ongoing contributions to solving climate change. Individually, we can plant our own land to draw carbon from the atmosphere into the growing plants. It’s win-win for us and the earth.

Biodynamic Agriculture, practiced at JCG, gives more to the earth than it takes, using holistic energized preparations for land and plants to draw in and anchor cosmic forces for the good of humanity and the earth. It’s beyond a win-win, acting in harmony with Nature and the Nature Spirits.

As a member, you can consider JCG your backyard garden. The family farmers supplying our CSA are the very best with respect to their land, their families and the future.

Namaste, Jessie