Online Market

This page is updated every week before the order window is opened. Our first choice of vendors is always the farmers at the Rogue Valley Growers’ Market where the produce is all organic. We start market day there, when it opens, to assure the freshest produce and the broadest selection.

Keep in mind that these farmers and vendors know us well and appreciate the 8 years we’ve spent, so far, supporting them.

What we don’t find at the Growers’ Market, we supplement from the Ashland Community Co-op, our second stop on the trip North. They have a huge community of members (we are one) and a very fast turnover of produce. We buy all organic unless there is not that option – and you are informed of that.

We also stop at Trader Joes, The Wharf Seafood, Coquette Bakery (RiseUp Bakery is at the market) and will check Market of Choice for items unavailable elsewhere. On the way home, we pickup Hoa’s Spring Rolls in Mt. Shasta.

Then we arrive back at JCG to sort our purchases to member boxes and head out for deliveries. That said, what can we bring you this week?

Note: Scroll the marketplace without hitting ‘return’ (it sends the form, as does the submit button) and indicate the amount ahead of the item (including decimal fractions of #) you want. There is a special order button at the end of this submission form where you can write-in items you’d like us to find that aren’t on the online market list instructions, etc. We’ll do our best to find them.

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Find the new link to the order form at the end of our News Page, and please read it!