First Week Of Our CSA’s Summer Season

Our Online Marketplace opens this morning, June 21st, and closes at 5pm Sunday June 23rd, for a Tuesday June25th delivery.

What’s Up at Market

I write this is on the first day of summer and, wouldn’t you know, tomatoes have arrived at market, in the cherry tomato varieties. You’ll find them posted on our tomato menu. I haven’t seen the Darlings or Poppies at the stores for weeks so removed them. After a week of lousy looking heirlooms at the co-op, their bin was loaded with gorgeous and tasty ones – maybe the first from vines to our south. I also added the farmers’ basil to the herb section – sure signs of summer.

You’ll find an updated fruit section as well. For a limited time only, cherries are at market along with the blueberries which will have a long season. I’m leaving raspberries on the wish list and don’t know if Pennington Farms is going to sell them at market through Runnymede. There are other growers a bit later in the season, including Teri. Early red tomatoes, now on the Wish List, will be next to arrive at market…and away we go!

At Jessie’s Cosmic Garden

I’ll have some curly parsley and Thai basil this week, along with the last of the lettuce mix from the greenhouse. The tomato plants are looking good in spite of the recent cold snap and I should have rainbow chard again this week. Everything is in the ground here now. New successions of arugula, cilantro and dill are just up and growing and the last round of spring lettuce mix is in the ground. We take a break then and I’ll start seeding for Fall in July. I have an unplanted bed set aside for fall lettuce and fall mixed greens (should work now that we know they need to be covered).

This week I’m applying the biodynamic preps, first BD 500 for the soil and roots, then BD 501 for the plants above ground. I’ve turned the compost so it is ready for those Biodynamic preps too. In addition, I’ll be boosting all growing plants, including my finally-finished flower garden out front, with a mineral-rich fertilizer. Keeping weeds down is the summer work, as is trimming plants and harvesting fruit – for you.

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Important Information (leaving this up for awhile)

I don’t like rules but prefer to suggest some guidelines for the successful running of our CSA. Anyone joining in the last few years has probably not received or been reminded of them. The Old-Timers are quite good about them but we had reminders on the old website that I didn’t include on this one so here goes (and I will leave this up here for a few weeks to catch everyone as well as including it in the link notice email).


  1. Watch your statements and leave a payment in your box for pickup when you are not going to cover the cost of what’s being delivered – or make a paypal payment, or stop by with it. Especially during Winter and early Spring Season, our bank balance can get pretty low if we don’t keep accounts topped up. If I use the debit card (often) the transaction is immediate.
  2. If you are not going to order, tell me well ahead – earlier in the week if its a recent decision and at least two weeks ahead if you are going on a trip or are going to be out for a week or more. I shouldn’t find this out when reminding you to order mid-day Sunday. This is especially desired if you are a regular microgreen customer as I seed them around 12-10 days ahead of harvest. The seed is expensive – making needless chicken treats something to avoid. With a heads up in time, I can plan to grow less.
  3. Put your boxes out ahead of delivery (will often be later in winter when we drive to Grants Pass). Leave payments taped in them or with a rock on top of them. And please return all my canning jars so I have something to put the next batch of whatever it is in them. Thank You, Very Very Much. I love you all and so do our farmers!