Let me explain how our CSA operates….

Like any CSA, members pay ahead, keeping a healthy account balance to cover their upcoming purchases. They top up those accounts when they get low to help keep the CSA running smoothly.

Our order window opens early Friday mornings and closes the following Sunday at 5 pm. That evening you receive a pdf order form to check it over and make any changes.

We go to the markets on Tuesdays and bring your order to your doorstep mid-to-late afternoon that day. Alternatively, it will be ready for you to pick up at JCG.

The following morning, orders are revised and are sent to you as a pdf along with a current statement of your account. Then on Friday, the cycle starts again.

We serve the community every week – March until year’s end. Winter CSA days are spontaneous when the weather looks good and we can make the trip north – typically 2 per month in January and February. Look over the online market to see what we are offering right now and, if you are interested in joining our CSA, fill out and send the form below. You will be contacted by email to make all arrangements.

Thank You!